Monday, February 25, 2013

House update and some me stuff

Well it has obviously been a while since I posted last.... again.

BUT a lot has happened around here.

We found out the pool does not have a leak... but the pool pump might.

We have the counter tops in!  No more counter made up of 4 different pieces.

We have been approved to place our fence where the old fence was (new regulations was going to cause it to run smack through the middle of our septic drain field).  Said new fence should begin going up March 4th!  I am one happy girl since they will also be taking out the ugly old fence around the pool.

We have door handles on the kitchen cabinets.  I don't have to worry about breaking my finger nails trying to open them anymore.

We had purchased an entertainment console to hold all of the game systems and DVR.  Only the next weekend to find out we did not have enough space because Jon was gifted a pretty awesome surround sound system.  Today we bought one more cabinet to add to what we already had.

Almost all of the light switches have their face plates back on and that makes them look so much prettier.

The kitten thinks she runs the place and likes to jump up on the kitchen counters to look out the kitchen window.

Jon's parents organized more tree removing since we had a few level 3 invasive trees.  The yard looks so empty and if you can imagine smaller at the same time.

And now to me stuff:

I entered a diet competition with some of my co-workers last month.  We all had to pay in $25 and whoever made their goal would split the pot!  Well... I WON!!!  After the websites fee I walked away with $68!!!  So what did I do with it?  I joined the second round competition to keep up loosing weight.  I may have also convinced Jon to join in too. :)

I will have to gather some photos of all the progress for you tomorrow. :)

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