Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pinterest Pick: Dreaming of Home

It has been a while.

This last week or two I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  Mostly because I forgot how great it is.

My pinning focus has been more on house things because hopefully in less than two weeks Jon will be a home owner!

Insane right?!  I still am in shock and not believing it is actually happening.

So there are quite a few things I found that I really would love to incorporate into the house.

I thought this pin was great because the bottom of closets (when shoes are not involved) is a bunch of wasted space.  And this idea could totally be used for non-kid things.

I have been in love with the cloth square storage bins for a long long time.  And maybe with this idea I could finally have them!  Using IKEA bookshelves laid on their sides.  I think this would be perfect underneath the windows of the living room in the house.  Plus it would make for extra seating for when company comes!  Because believe me, Jon will want to have plenty of people over.

The last pin today is how to plant a garlic.  I had bought a bag of garlic bulbs and Jon found the other day that one of them sprouted!  He made a comment how we should bring it over to his parents house.  Well a few days later when I mentioned it again Jon had changed his mind.  He wants to plant it at his house.  Hopefully we can do that tomorrow, yea I know we don't have the house yet, but why not?  Don't worry I will take pictures and share if it happens.

In other news, I have plans to see my friend today to help bake some cupcakes.  I have already planned on bringing my own cupcake so that I am not tempted to eat a gluten-full cupcake.  I can't wait!


Plus I got to spend some quality cuddle time with the kitten this morning.  For like two hours.  The. Best.

Happy Saturday!

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