Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Present Reveal - Necklaces

For Christmas I decided to make my sisters and I necklaces using these owl pendants I bought from Pick Your Plum.

I asked my friend Missy to go with me to pick out some extra charms and rings to attach all of them to the necklace.  I ended up picking some leaves, gems, and other sparkly things.

These are mine.  Jill and Staci had red and purple ones.

I had a difficult time getting the necklace to lay so that everything was facing forward.  I used these two tools to hold the rings open and close them once I had then clipped on the necklace.

I was able to get Staci's and Jill's done waaaay before Christmas and I was dying to give them their gift early.  Don't worry the did get to open then early :)  We did gifts the morning of Christmas Eve.

Soooo without further adieu THE NECKLACES!!

A surprise in the back!

Jill wasn't able to model for me.

The best compliment that my sisters could make is that they thought they looked like I bought the necklaces already made!!!  I am just so happy they liked them.

Now if I can only get mine made...

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