Friday, January 13, 2012

Food Friday - Kobe Knockoff

The boyfriend and I made a fancy dinner copy catting one of our favorite restaurants, Kobe Steakhouse.  They make dinner right in front of you, it does help that they have an AMAZING white sauce.  I personally witnessed a family of 12 devour a whole canister (probably almost a gallons worth) of white sauce one night... kinda gross but true. 

Anyway, back to the knockoff.  A friend of ours told us about a white sauce that you can buy in the store that "tastes just like Kobe white sauce".  See below:

Since I recently learned that there are gluten-free soy sauces I made sure to purchase one of those.

I bought all of the necessities: meat, carrots (yes those still have the leafy tops), onion, broccoli, pea pods, zucchini, and especially for the bf crunchy noodley things.

The bf learned how to make the "Coke-a-Cola" sauce they use at Kobe (heat to a boil - soy sauce, water, and sugar).  He got that going as I began to chop chop chop some veggies.

He got to cut up the turkey we were going to use for the meat (lucky me since I am allergic to chicken - yes I know it sounds crazy but I won't argue with the massive migraines I get).

We heated the veggies and meat seperately at first because I wanted ot make sure the meat was cooked fully.

Once the meat was ready we added it to the veggies, threw in a bit more "coke-a-cola", and stirred them up.

Meanwhile the bf started heating the gluten-full noodles he has secretly cooked before I got home with some of the soy sauce creation.  They looked very delicious, I must say I was kinda jealous.

I had a choice at the store to have Jasmine rice or plain ol' white rice.  The bf's vote won and we had white.  Mixed with an egg and plenty of soy sauce stuff of course!

Once everything was sauced up and cooked we were ready to serve.

It was a mighty fine dinner.  Thanks for the idea sweetie!

Oh and my opinion on the white sauce... not as good as Kobe, but once you started eating it with the food it was okay.

**Editors note:  As I was trying to write this lovely review of my dinner my sister, Jill, was very rudely asking me to listen to some song.  So if anything sounds weird in this post I blame it on her because in her own words that she wanted me to put:  My sister is being so annoying about trying to enrich my life with great music.***

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