Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Intentions

The whole purpose behind wanting to have a blog is to give myself an outlet for creative thinking and doing.  I hope for this blog to be a way of expressing my creativity and hopefully to inspire others.  But to do this I need a plan.

I always am more successful when I have a plan, so here is my rough outline:

~Share some of what I have already created
~Share what I want to create
~Share some of my favorite items that my blog inspirations have created
~Share what I will be creating
~Share some of my life experiences (gotta have some real life stuff in here too not just cutesy crafty things all of the time)

I know it will take time before I find a groove and really find what I love to do and blog about.  I have myself all ready with an Etsy Shop (CraftyQuackery) so once I can make some things I hope to sell them.  No sense making a whole bunch of cute things and then having them just sit around not being used!!

I also would like to carve out a little space in the apartment where I can keep my projects out so that if I have a moment when I have nothing to do I can hop over and use those minutes wisely.   We shall see how that will go.

Now that I have a plan I just have to figure out how to accomplish it all... yup that means another list :)

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