Monday, January 30, 2012

Mentor Monday - The one that got me tagging

For my second Mentor Monday post I felt that I should give props to the woman who got me into making things.  I had found her I believe from the New Dress A Day blog.  I think she had sent some clothing in and Marissa linked to her blog when she did the reveal.

SewTara  is the website and Tara is her name.  She had just gotten finished making a large group of taggie blankets when I started reading her blog.  And yes I had to read her blog from the beginning.  So back to the blankets.  They were so cute and looked so soft and I wanted them.

And it just so happened that I was invited to a baby shower for a coworker and I had my idea!  I posted about those two blankets already.

I can't wait to make a few more and hopefully find some of that minky fabric Tara used...

Thanks to Tara for her most wonderful blog... and letting me peek in on those cutie boys you have.

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