Monday, January 23, 2012

Mentor Monday - My first date with the blog world

After returning to an 8 to 5 job at a university I actually was able to enjoy a full HOUR lunch!  It was such a nice change from the 25 minutes when I was teaching (where I could barely eat anything, no joke, ask my bf how much weight I had lost).  Oh and I was not FORCED to each lunch at 10:30 in the morning anymore.  So obviously I made sure to make the most of my time.

My sister, Jill, is very much into exploring the web and finding new and exciting things that I would like.  She kept telling me about this woman who was making a new outfit everyday for just $1.  I thought she was kidding but when I checked out the website I believed!  She was incredible!

Marisa Lynch had lost her job and realized she couldn't go out spending money on new clothes anymore.  So she made a pack to herself that she would spend $1 or less a day on a new clothing item for one year.  It was partly to curb spending money but more so spur her creativity.  She would manipulate, add, change the outfit into something absolutely adorable.  To the point that I wanted to BUY most of the things that she made.

The first outfit redo I read (after the insistence of Jill over the course of a few weeks) was this: Day 255 - 110 Days Left.  I read the entry and thought to myself "I could totally do this!".  I was hooked.  I read and read and read.  In reading the blog over the course of several months I ended up finding more blogs that had contacted Marisa.  Needless to say she was the one that got me beginning to think that I might want and need to find a creative outlet for myself!

Check out her stuff, she's got some good ones!

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