Friday, January 6, 2012

Obligatory 1st Post... and it's a doozy

I have finally gone and done it... found the perfect name for my blog and hopefully soon my etsy shop.  BUT I am getting ahead of myself.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I have wanted to start my own blog for over a year now.  Why did I want to start my own blog?  Well it all started when my sister (I have two of those by the way) introduced me to the website.  I read through one, just ONE post about how she turned an old outfit she bought for a dollar into a new and very cute outfit.  It was hook, line, and sinker for me.

From her website I was linked to other blogs done by very talented women and from theirs to more and more.  It was an obsession for me to read each blog from the very beginning to see how the individual began and grew into the crafter they are today.  As I settled into my routine of reading and catching up on each blog everyday (because I now HAVE to know what they have made or are making or are planning to make) I started to picture how I could have a blog someday too.

Granted at that point in my life I was in a temporary job (that I hoped would transform into something permanent) after having tried teaching for a year (more on that one later) and at a place where I did not feel the least bit creative.

Fast forward four months and I was making a personalized baby blanket for my coworkers baby shower and realizing I AM CREATIVE.  I CAN make something beautiful and well made.  A month later I was invited to a friends baby shower out of state.  Mind you it is one of my dearest friends, so I secretly planned to attend.  I made another personalized blanket which turned out just as cute as the first so I knew I was onto something.

Since then I have been trying desperately to get back up to date with all of the blogs I follow (May to September is a VERY busy time where I work) knowing full well that I know had found my crafting side and wanted to blog about my experiences.  That's when I realized my roadblock.  I could not for the lift of me come up with a name that I felt would symbolize not only me as a person, but the type of craftyness that I wanted to attempt to do.  I had all of these examples every day of such amazing blog names and I felt nothing I thought up was as well, creative, as the blogs I read everyday.  I shared with my sisters my desire to write a blog and how I needed a name.  I confided in some of my crafty friends and coworkers.

Finally after months and months, today I struck gold.  I brainstormed with my coworker for hours (all the while we were working away) and it felt like every amazing perfect name she came up with was already taken!  I was beginning to feel defeated.  I brainstormed on my way home from work, only coming up with a handful of ideas.  I mentioned one of the ideas I had with my boyfriend and lo and behold his most fabulously creative mind (yes I am jealous of the funny and creative things he is able to come up with) produced the perfect name: Crafty Quackers.  Well, when I was typing it into my phone to remember it (yes I tend to loose out on my brillant ideas if I don't immediately capture them on paper) the autocorrect changed Quackers to Quackery and the deal was done.  Crafty Quackery it was.

I practically ran to my computer hoping beyond hope that this name was free in the blogging word.  I checked and I could not believe my eyes, it seemed my luck had turned around!  I check etsy and it too appeared to have a void in the username of Crafty Quackery.  I took it as a sign that I MUST create now.

I now have an email address devoted to this name, this little blog, and an etsy user profile (I am a little nervous to sign up as a seller as at the moment I don't have anything made to sell).  I feel accomplished and very excited for my craftyness to surge full force and hopefully take over.  A far away dream of mine is to craft as my job... maybe this will get me there.

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