Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kellee's Frame Reveal

My friend Kellee had a tough day at work one day.  Later that night we were hanging out a Jai Alai and she mentioned how she had thought if she had a visual reminder of calm it might help.  I immediately volunteered to make one.  I made sure to find out what word and what colors she would want.

I bought what I needed at Jo Ann's and got to work.

I printed a page with the word and sizing that I wanted (I made sure it would fit within the window of the frame).  I taped the paper to the sliding glass door and traced the word on the tear-away paper.

I then pinned the fabric to the tear-away paper and placed it into the hoop.

Yay tomato pin cushion!
 I used my blue thread, thinning so that I had three strands and the doubled it so that I was embroidering using 6 strands with the basic backstitch.

Once I finished embroidering the word I then had to tear away the tear-y stuff.  Getting it out from behind the tight embroidery was tough and I may rethink using it next time.
You got a peak at my duck slippers!

Once I got it all removed I admired the word. I ironed out the wrinkles from the hoop and put it into the frame.

I was so excited that she loved it.  I wished I had not pulled the thread so tight (I don't like the wrinkles around the working).  I hope that I can make some more and fine tune my technique enough to eventually sell some!

And because the Kitten was weird the other day I had to share this:
She was chillin' on my Publix bag.
Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. And my frame is my constant reminder to keep my wits about me :) I love it and appreciate it SO much!!!! *hug*

    1. I am so glad!!! Let me know if you would like a new word.... cause we can change it out you know. :)