Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Friday - Gluten-Free Muffins!

Being that I am allergic to wheat I have found that the best tasting wheat-free projects are actually gluten-free.  I recently have tried a new mix for muffins.  It is King Arthur Flour.  They have within the last year or so developed a line of gluten-free products.

I had brought several bananas that were perfect for making muffins home with me during Christmas vacation.  Banana muffins are so wonderful and I have not had any in a very very long time.

I mixed in the bananas and made 12 muffins and still had a lot of batter left.  The box said that it would make 12 so when I had enough to make 12 more I was excited!

I decided to crush up some strawberries to add into the remaining part of the batter.

Cooked them both up and they both looked great.

Sadly after I took the strawberry ones out I realized they were not cooked completely (it didn't even help putting them back in the oven).  My mom and I decided that the strawberry mix just didn't have enough actual batter to make them cook correctly.  They ended up being too soupy to cook correctly.
However, the banana muffins that I made were PERFECT!  Even my dad liked them. :)  I definitely will be buying another box in the future.

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