Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Day Crafting Extravaganza!!!

Today I have been able to sit at home ALL DAY and be crafty.  I had some major plans for the day: an embroidery project for Kellee, more embroidery projects, beginning a baby sized quilt, and maybe throw in some time cleaning the kitchen.

I planned out a little list of things I wanted to accomplish:
~ Embroidery project for Kellee
~ Embroidery projects for possible sale
~ Figuring out sizing of squares for a quilt
~ Cutting out all of the squares for a quilt
~ Drafting up some future blogs
~ Making soup in the new crock pot

Quite a list?  Yes, but one that I knew I would enjoy working on.  I let myself sleep in because I am so tired of the cough/cold that I have.  I hoped getting a little more sleep might help me finally kick it.  I started my lazy day with a trip to the grocery store since I wanted to make a turkey soup.  I went with a list and didn't stray from it.  I got home in time to head out to meet the bf for lunch at Sonny's.

I just LOVE their sweet tea...
I stopped on the way back home at Jo Ann's (I know I just went there Saturday but I found something else I wanted) to buy a fabric cutter since they were 40% off!

I was so excited that this was on sale!
I chopped, sliced, browned, and defrosted everything I needed for the turkey soup.  It is cooking right now!!!  I am very excited about that.  I'll share if it is good or not later in the week.
I can not wait for this to finish cooking... I am even going to add in some stewed tomatoes too.  YUM!
I then focused by attention on the embroidery project for Kellee because I would love to get it to her by Thursday.  I am making progress and am very pleased with how the stitches are looking.  Sorry no pictures because I want her to be surprised.

As far as the quilt... I have to say that I was successful in that I now have a rotary cutter to make the square cutting faster!  I am going to have to work on that one throughout the week  Just be ready for a picture explosion when I share it because I am planning to document my work very well.  :)

I very much enjoyed watching the kitten examine and smell the outside world from the open sliding glass door.  I think she liked being able to beg for pets whenever she wanted too.

Oh and I got some boring things like vacuuming the bedroom and laundry done too.

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