Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bias Tape Sewing Tutorial

With my recently completely quilt I have learned a new skill, sewing bias tape onto a quilt!  I had watched my friend Ellie sew it onto my bf's T-shirt quilt so I kinda had an idea of how it would work.

When it finally came time to sew the bias tape on I kinda freaked out.  I was so close to having the quilt done and now I was not sure I could made the tape look good enough (yes I am a bit of a perfectionist).

I started by laying the quilt out and slowly pinning the tape.  Once I arrived at a corner I worried again.  I tried to remember exactly what Ellie had done.

I lined up the two sides and prepared to pin.

I made sure to pin all of the way though all of the fabric without pulling or making a ripple in the fabrics.  That part was a little tough.

Then comes the tricky part... folding around the corner.  Hold the fabric tightly at the corner and slowing fold down and open the bias tape.

The bias tape will have some extra fabric, don't worry about that yet.  Make sure to line up the bias tape along the second side.
Now. Fold over the extra fabric (facing either side, it is your choice).

Carefully pin the second side so that all of the fabric is caught in the pin.  I did not pin the folded part, when I sewed it I just made sure to hold it flat as it went through the machine.

Here is an example of the completed corner all sewn up.  I decided to sew the bias tape three times (twice in brown and once in blue).  Some people like to sew it up only once, very close to the inside of the bias tape to hide it as much as possible.

Next I have to figure out how to make the crossover from one stripe of bias tape to the next look seamless.

Hope you're having a great day!!

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