Monday, February 6, 2012

Mentor Monday - Desiring to create clothes

I have been sitting here munching on Simply 7 Lentil Chips for the last few minutes trying to remember just how I came across my next mentor.  Was it through some of the ladies I have already mentioned... Not sure.

Regardless, Katy of No Big Dill, is absolutely amazing.  She loves orange, her kitchen counters are green (GREEN! and I kinda want MY counters to be green too), and she has six children.  All of these children are super cute and I would love to see her (and them) in action.  Oh and did I fail to mention she is a sewing genius!!!

In this tutorial she made a swimsuit for one of her daughters (oh yea, she has five girls and one boy).  I read over her instructions and thought to myself, I can totally do that!  She has so many great sewing ideas and little things like this.


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