Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gluten-Free Food Review - Udi's Pizza

This weekend the bf and I went to Whole Foods and it gave me an idea.  They had tastings of some gluten free products and I decided "why don't I do that?!".  So I am.  :)


The first item I would like to review is Udi's new line of oven ready pizzas.  Very exciting I know!  I will tell you what Udi's has some of the best products I have ever tasted.  Don't worry I will be sure to share more of the products later.
There were two or three other options but I thought this one sounded fabulous with the mozzarella bits.  I don't have the exact price but I want to say it was around $7 or so.

This is what I saw upon opening the box.  It is freezer packed tight and on a cardboard circle to hold it flat.  I felt the ingredients were fairly evenly placed on the pizza.  I was surprised the mozzarella was in the shape of balls and thought it was so cute!!

 I wanted some meat on the pizza so I added some turkey pepperonis.

 What it looked like after I put on the pepperonis.

The directions call for the pizza to cook for 12 minutes from a frozen state.  I did that but I felt as though some of the edges were cooking faster than the middle.  I would have wanted to cook it a little longer but I didn't rotate the pizza until it was almost done and I was worried about burning the sides (what good is a review of a burnt pizza???).  I think that if I rotated it in the middle of the cooking time and cooked it for a few minutes longer it would be perfect.

Some of the mozzarella pieces did not melt as must as the others and this might have been because of my not rotating it at the right timing.  There was a collection of what the bf and I thought was olive oil on one side (but we think that might have been due to how we were not able to get the pizza in the freezer right away - yea we were running errands).

The verdict???  It was delicious!  The crust was crispy and didn't have that gross grainy taste like some other crusts I have experienced.  I would definitely choose to purchase this product again!

I can't wait to share the next g/f item I taste tested this week!!!


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