Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pinterest Pick - Valentine's Cuties

I apologize for being late with todays post.  I have been able to see my family today and my sister is graciously letting me borrow her computer so that I can make my post while we are deciding what to do for dinner.

In thinking about the great pink holiday that is coming up that everyone knows as Valentine's Day, I thought it was appropriate to pick out something that was lovey.

So I bring you to Valentine Conversation Heart Cookies!!!  I think they are so cute!!  I wish that I could make some and eat them... I may have to find a g/f recipe for sugar cookies so that I can try my hand at making them.

Although I do have a friend Ellie who has been trying to start up a cookie/cake making business.  Maybe I will have to order some from her... :)

Well I am off to spend more time with the fam... since they won't be in town for very long.  Plus we will be having some g/f angel food cake tonight, my uncle Louie is like the best ever!!

Have a restful Sunday tomorrow!!!

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