Thursday, February 2, 2012

Threading the Machine

So as I mentioned yesterday I went over to my friend Julie's yesterday so play with her sewing machine... well to teach her how to use it.

I was wrong in thinking the machine was in the box, it was already out and had been played with a little (Julie said she tried one day for hours trying to get the darn thing threaded).

Our first obstacle was that the ring that goes around the bobbin area to hold everything in was missing.  This lead to a 10 minute search in which Julie swore that all the sewing stuff had been all together.  She was kinda right. ;)

I managed to get the ring and the bobbin situated correctly (my machine is much older and all of the bobbin pieces are VERY particular about how they want to be placed in there - Julie's was much easier) and made sure everything seemed in working order.

This is when the fun started happening.  I read through the manual with Julie so that she would know where the directions were for each different component of the machine.  Using the directions in the manual, I figured out how to thread the machine (it is sooooo different from mine because mine has nobs and things sticking out everywhere) and sewed a line for Julie.  Man, can her machine move!  The foot pedal is extremely sensitive.  You push down slightly and it is slow as molasses and you push a little harder and it is zooming as fast as NASCAR!

So we took some time learning how to thread the machine, the bobbin, and get the bobbin thread up with the upper thread.  I may end up making her a picture book of how to thread her machine. :)

Once it was ready to go again, it was Julie's turn to play seamstress with my quilt scraps (speaking of my quilt, it is coming along swimmingly!  I will hopefully be able to show it off next week).  She made some beautiful masterpieces, like an A just for me (can you see it?).

Then we got to experimenting with the different stitches her machine will make.  Different widths of zig zags, straight stitches, and some crazy other ones.  She was having so much fun!

Hopefully soon we can maybe have another lesson where I teach her how to sew a little project.

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