Thursday, February 23, 2012

What have I been up to today????

A month ago I requested 1/2 of today and all of tomorrow off from work with the hopes of going to Key West.  Well that plan got scratched several weeks ago but I never officially said that I was going to give up my day and 1/2 off.  I decided that since I have so many ideas for crafty things and I have to start getting ready for the craft fair in April, I would just take the day and 1/2 off and stay here.

I have been quite successful.  So far today I have gone to the grocery store and bought a roast to make beef stew for dinner (it is currently cooking in the pressure cooker and I forgot to some take pictures for a future post...) AND completed one of the blankets I started.

It should look slightly familiar if you have been reading the blog because it is the leftover fabric from here.  I did the back a little differently this time.  I used just the frilly things.  I still have more fabric so I think the next one I make will have the lazy flies on the back... maybe the frog face will make a guest appearance too... not sure.

I have more fabric to iron before I can finish up my next goal on my list for today/tomorrow.  Better get to it!

Mmmmm that beef stew smells great too. :)

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