Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Second Quilt!

In taking off of work for a few days last week I was able to finish my second baby quilt.  It is very similar to the one I already finished just with a few little changes.

First change was that I made all of the stripes go in the same direction.

Second change was that when I quilted it, I used brown thread on the bobbin and blue thread on the top thread.  That makes the back look so much different without seeing the quilting.  You are still able to see the quilting on the top since the blue thread shows up over the browns.

Third change was that I figured out how to make the bias tape look much more finished.

The fourth change was that I only used blue thread to sew on the bias tape.  I also only sewed the bias tape twice.  Once very close to the edge and once more in the middle. I still have to figure out how to avoid making the bias tape shift when sewing it.  It seems to pull and then the bias tape looks wrinkly.  I don't like that.

But on to the reveal!

 The blue thread I think looks so pretty against the bubble fabric.

The back.  You can't even tell if there is any quilting on the back and I think I really like it that way.

Here is the bias tape.  I found that if I folded the edge over and then pinned it.  It made the switch from one bias tape to another less noticeable.  I still have to work on that to make sure that it looks its best but I am proud of what I did.

And I only ran out of bobbin thread once!  And I knew it was going to happen but it happened about 8 inches before I was ready.

I calculated about how long it took me to make this one (without accounting for cutting the squares because they were already cut) and it took me about three and a half hours.  Not too bad I would say. :)

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