Friday, February 10, 2012

Food Friday - Gluten Free

So I have shared some different meals that the bf and I have made recently and I figured I should explain why we have to use some uncommon items.

Back in high school I was breaking out really badly on my chin and we found out I was allergic to yeast.  I ate better for a while and my face cleared up.  I started eating normal again and the break outs came back and I would have a horrible stomach ache for hours after waking up.  No matter what I did it still hurt.  The pain would last until about 11 in the morning.  We went to a different doctor and found out it was actually wheat that I was allergic too.

And that is when my world turned upside down.  I quickly learned that I couldn't have a lot of different things... like bread, pizza, cakes, crackers, most candy, cereals, and more.  It was very very hard, considering that I LOVE anything with bread.

Now my allergy to the wheat is not super severe.  I can eat wheat for several days before I notice any of my symptoms.  So it is very easy for me to fall into a pattern of eating badly for a few days or so.  I mostly am able to stop eating bad before my symptoms show up.  There are people so allergic that they are not able to touch wheat or eat things that were made in the same place things with wheat were made.

Just recently my mom has been wondering if she is allergic to wheat.  She stopped eating anything white and bread to get her cholesterol under control.... which she did and lost a lot of weight too!  Anyway, she has been eating bread with sandwiches and what not every once and a while.  After she has eaten the bread she feels like her stomach gets puffy and she feels slow.  She went to the doctor and sure enough she is allergic to wheat.  So all of my troubles are my moms fault. :)

Through my many years of being forced to try to eat wheat free I have learned that most of the foods that taste the best are the ones that are also gluten free.  Now gluten is the binding that keeps all of those wonderful foods made with wheat together.  Gluten free foods normally fall apart very easily.... eating a gluten free sandwich is just not the same.

I have created a document that contains my reviews on most of the foods/brands that I have tried and my opinion of them and where you can buy the products.  I have given that to at least a handful of people because I don't want them to have to try the yucky food that I had to try to get to the good ones.

So I have decided that I will begin featuring a gluten-free/wheat-free product a few times a month.  The bf actually enjoys some of the things I have found.

And since I promised a picture:

I was at Publix the other week and this is what I parked next too...  The license tag was 1 ofakind...

Thanks for reading!!

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