Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest Pick - Wall Art

The bf has been looking to buy a house (unfortunately up to this point with no success) and over the past year of looking I have realized that what I really want in whatever house he gets is my own room to dedicate to crafting.  Pinterest has allowed me to search and really begin to define what I would want in a crafting space. I love being able to see someone elses finished project on a dresser remodel or a color scheme so that I can imagine what it would be like if I had one.

What I want to share today in my Pinterest Pick is something that I would like to put up on one of the walls (at this point in my fictional craft room).  It is a wall decal of a dandelion.  I love how the flowery things are floating away just like someone blew them to make a wish.  It reminds me of being young and carefree.  I imagine it would bring a sense of peace and whimsey to the room.

I have not looked into the pricing but at this point for me it does not matter.  I sadly have no room to put it in.  My hope is that once the bf actually does buy a house he will make sure that I get my own craft room (although all along he has been saying that the guest room will be the craft room).

I hope everyones first weekend of February is going great!  I will be going to Kissimmee today to go go karting on a mile long track!  Wooooo!!

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