Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gluten-Free Food Review - Udi's Chocolate Cookies

Welcome to my second gluten-free food review!

Today's item is ..... DRUM ROLL!!!!....

More Udi's!! (yea it is kinda obvious that I like their stuff)

I recently was at the grocery to prepare to attend a party.  Now as a wheat-intolerant (possibly gluten-intolerant) person I hate going to parties were I know yummy gluten/wheat filled food will be (yes at times I am weak and end up eating some bad things).  So in my rounds of the store I decided I needed to make sure that I bought some yummy things for myself.  I desperately wanted to buy some Oreos and just pretend they were good for me... but alas I was trying to be honest with myself and be good.  I had seen these chocolate chip cookies a few times in browsing the "sweet" Greenwise Section of the freezers and resisted buying them (I am sensitive to sugar too).  So I opened the door and grab them.

At the party everyone else was snacking on things and I just could not wait any longer.  I grabbed a few out and patiently waited (well lets be honest, very impatiently) for them to thaw.  I have to say that I very much enjoyed them.

Since then I have paced myself because each container has about 10 cookies.  Very disappointment when comparing the price for 10 cookies against how many you can get when you buy Oreos... but that is how the gluten-free food world works.  Also they are slightly smaller than what I would considered a normal sized cookie.  See my hand side-by-side comparison.

I will definitely be buying them again when I have a cookie craving.

Try them out, I think you'll like them. :)

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