Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crafty Copy Cat - Multiple year calendar - Current Progress

I apparently was not thinking about how long it might take to follow through on my ideas for my calendar project.

I did however find the pin I pinned on Pinterest about it!!  Check it out here.

So I will update you on my progress.

I bought another pack of index cards so that I would have enough to make one for each day of the year.

Next I had to figure out I wanted to date the cards.  I am not super happy with my handwriting so that was out.  I didn't have a date stamper so that idea was out too.  I was wracking my brain for different ideas until I stumbled upon the fact that I own a sticker maker.  Yes a sticker maker.  The coolest thing.

I had bought it when I was planning to do some major scrap booking... yea that didn't pan out.  But I am so happy that I have it!

Now how to make the images to put through the sticker maker to then put on the cards....

Well that was a no brainer.   I used Picnik.  Yes I know it is going away in April... but if I create the file I can keep it forever, right?  RIGHT!

So that is what I did.
 I picked a different font for each month since I couldn't decide on just one.

 I copy/pasted the image into Word so that I could size it and multiply it.

I then cut them into small squares to fit into the sticker maker.

It was quick to feed them through.
This is the long, long, thing of stickers I ended up with.
Now in the picture above it shows my really long sticker train... well what you don't see is ALL of the months... I ran out of stickery stuff and had to buy more.  I have yet to stickerfy the rest of the papers and am almost regretting picking to do it this way since I have to cut out each individual sticker out before I stick it.

I am hoping to have them done by the end of the week.
The cards to the right are done.  The cards to the left are not... almost halfway there.
I will still have to number the cards... uhg... that might just have to be hand written... maybe in a cool colored marker.

Then comes the process of finding postcards or things to act as the month dividers.

I do have one maybe picked out:
It is from a little card my mom wrote me.  She loves tennis and the happy tennis balls make me smile.  I can't decide if I should use other little cards for dividers or not.  I mean it is not like I am gluing it all together or something so I could change it in the future if I don't like it.

Regardless I get to look forward to tons more cutting when I get home tonight.. and tomorrow... and probably the next day.

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