Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinterest Pick - Neck Tie

Around Christmas time my sister Jill was getting all creative and using things she had around her apt to make thing for gifts.  One of the things that she made was a bracelet using an old neck tie.  It turned out super cute and I have since been seeing more and more craft things that use old ties.

One of those is this pin I recently found on Pinterest.  It is using an old tie to dress up a plain t-shirt.  Jill had an extra tie that she didn't end up using and gave it to me.  I am thinking I will have to attempt this... once I have all of my other projects done.  It will take me a little while to decide which of my shirts would best match the tie... or I may just want to buy a new one. :)

Happy Saturday!!

P.S. I managed to post on time today!! Yay!!

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