Monday, March 5, 2012

Mentor Monday - All because of a Tree House

Welcome to Mentor Monday!  I have been playing around with Picnik a lot lately (I am sure you have noticed) with the knowledge that it will be closing in April.  I am very sad about this btw because I wish I would have known about it sooner and made things in it because it is super cool.

On to our regularly scheduled programming:

The mentor this week is someone that I just discovered this weekend.  I was showing off my For the Home Pinterest board to the bf.  He was like "omg what is that!?".  He was referring to this pin of a super awesome looking tree house.  I clicked on the picture hoping to see the exact post it came from... but alas the person who originally pinned the link didn't link to the exact post just the main blog page.

Well I decided that I wanted to find the post that it was from... and me being me I couldn't start reading from the newest post.  So naturally I went to the oldest post first.  I have made it through about nine months.  And no I have not found the tree house post yet, BUT I WILL FIND IT, and immediately let you know.

I have found that I am really enjoying the blog.  Her name is Lorilyn Crum (and her husband every once and a while).  She writes about the home improvements and sewing projects that she does.  She also is very good about referencing some of the blogs that she loves and reads daily.  I have to say her list of blogs that she follows is llloooonnnngggggg and dare I say intimidating.

I can't say much more than she definitely has some vision!  I hope that you enjoy her blog too!

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