Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pinterest Pick - Updates!

So I managed to find two things regarding Pinterest items I couldn't for the life of me find.

But I found them!!!

The first was the link to the annual calendar that I have been slaving away on (and it still isn't finished!).  I had originally pinned it the first time I saw it... but on my For the Home board... yea that was why I couldn't find it.  It has been moved into the correct board!

The second was the post regarding that amazing tree house.  The original pinner didn't pull it from the exact blogpost but I found it!!  The post is originally from here and unfortunately the picture does not link back to anywhere. :(  BUT I did manage to find it!! wooo.

The bf and I are going house hunting today... hopefully we will find something... I am really disliking not having a space for all of my crafty projects to live in...

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