Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I'm Reading... Tuesday?

I am finally back from my trip!  I had an absolutely fabulous time visiting with my friends and family.  I had decided to bring my sewing machine on a whim and I am very glad that I did.  I managed to make two shirts, a blanket, and a pillow!  But all of those will be shared later this week and next week.  It is super exciting because I had a model for the clothes!

But back to what I am here for today.  Books!  Thanks to Kellee I had more than enough audiobooks with me for the trip.  I didn't have as much time to listen to them as I though I would because my friend Janet was able to ride most of the way with me!  She has some family about an hour west of my cousin so it was perfect!  But that made for not so much listening time to books.

I managed to finish Cryer's Cross on the way to my cousins.  It was very good and I enjoyed the journey to find out what was happening to the people in the book.  I had a feeling I knew what was behind everything about half way through but I was not exactly sure.  I think I even managed to get Jon interested near the end since he asked me how it ended.

I then started Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.  I immediately enjoyed the readers voice (as that is a big pulling point for me).  It was a little confusing at first as it starts right into the story.  It reminded me a little bit of how Chime started.  It was already into the action when the story started.  So far I have enjoyed it.  The characters are interesting and each unique, I want to know more about each one.  I believe I am on the fourth disk and I am super curious as to what will happen.

And yes, I am still basically in the same spot as I was in Anna and the French Kiss today as I was last week.  I guess this trip didn't have any extra time for late night book reading.  Hopefully I will carve out some time this week to get this one done so that I can start a new one!

Hopefully everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day yesterday!

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  1. So happy to know that Nightshade is a good audiobook. I keep wanting to check that one out, but I haven't yet.