Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Friday - Sausage and Rice

There are many times that Jon and I want a quick and easy dinner... Well let's be honest, all of the time we want that.  This is one of those dinners:

Super easy, I promise.  First you need these ingredients: Sausage, rice, and veggies.

We normally use broccoli and carrots.  But really any veggies would do, so use what you like!
Now the best part is you get the rice and sausage boiling in the same pot.  Lots of times we even cook the veggies in the same pot too but this time I wasn't fast enough to get them in there.

We had a few frozen broccoli's left and they made it in the pot.
Pretend the rice bag is in there.  Apparently I didn't get a picture of that either.

I used our little microwave steamer to cook the other veggies.

Once the sausage is cooked we cut it into little medallion shapes.  Sometimes I make them half moons too.  It's all based on preference.

 Dump the sausages back in the pot along with the rice and veggies.  Mix it all around.

To spice the meal up we will put salsa on top.  We also will use the queso too if we happen to have some.

And there is dinner!!!  We tend to have a bit left over and it reheats well too.

Hope everyone's weekend will be great!

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