Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vacation in the Big Apple - Part 1

Jon and I went to visit some friends of ours in New York City last week.  It was amazing!  I wanted to share some highlights with you.

We arrived and headed straight to trivia at Rocky Sullivan's.  We did horribly, but we certainly had fun trying to earn the free drinks after each round.

The next day our friend Liz had the day off of work so she joined us on our trip into the city!  We had to keep ourselves occupied until Mike got out of work so of course we headed to a bar!

We went to McSorley's which was pretty darn cool inside.  It was the oldest bar that held out in letting ladies in.  Walking in I was surprised to see sawdust on the floor, apparently to make cleaning up puke easier.

Then we headed to a super great place.  I have been to the counterpart that is located in Orlando and could not wait to go to the original.

It was BabycakesNYC!!!!  I love the location in Orlando at Downtown Disney and love the NYC location even more!!!  Everything written in white was gluten-free!!  I got some stuff and wish I had gotten a bit more. :)

Last stop of the night was Tiki Bar.  We were the first ones there and literally were told that we had to wait to get in.  Once in we were enveloped in darkness and some really cool color changing lights.  I also got a super awesome drink.

It had fire on it!!!  But super nasty tasting alcohol in it.  I ended up having them fix it (as the bar tender didn't make it how the guy who took our order told him) and my second drink was much better.

Jon is showing off the super cool shot glasses the Tiki Bar had.  They were little Tiki Men!!

After that we were off back home to rest up for the next day!!!

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