Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Feminine Products anyone?

Okay, so I must preface my chosen title for today.  I am not reviewing them, showing you how to use them, or god-forbid, make them.

I accidentally made something that unintentionally resembles a tampon.  Not cute.

I must start my story at the beginning though.

I wanted to make this pin for my friends son.  But I didn't want to use plain ribbon like this one has.  I wanted to use fabric and fill it with stuffing so that it puffed up just like the laces on a real football.  Great idea in theory right?  SURE!

Well not so much.
I started out with a brown onesie.  Still thinking that this should be simple and end up being super cute.
I cut the white fabric and decided on the sizing.

It was sewn, flipped, and stuffed with stuffing!

But I have a trick!

Using a chopstick, push the stuffing into the bottom of the tubing.  Or pillow as I have done before.  Since the chopstick is long and thin it should reach all of the way to the bottom.

It was sewn shut.  Not the greatest but sealed.

I placed it for a picture and then I got worried.  I looked at it and realized...

A tampon.  It was about the length and width of a freaking tampon.  Not what I was going for.

I decided to give it a shot.  Maybe once it was sewn on the shirt it wouldn't look so much like a period plug.


To top it off I ripped one of the snaps of the onesie out.   Well at least the other two still work....

I ended up being so frustrated that I gave up for the night.  I decided to put it away and think how I could save it.  I still don't want just boring ribbons...

It has been over a week since I have tried to work on it and I still am stumped.  Hopefully a genius idea will hit me soon.

Just thought you would get a kick out of my poor foresight.

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