Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Manly Burp Cloths

This past weekend I was "hired" by my mom to make some cutesy burp cloths.  I had done this for her you will remember just a little while ago.  But this time they were for a baby boy.  So the pinks wouldn't work.

I made a trip to JoAnn's for all of the supplies.  I was surprised that there was only one non-blue burp cloth in the pack.  It made it a little difficult trying to pick out some ribbon.

After that was over I spent a while pinning.  I was happily pinning up the second burp cloth when I realized something horrible.  I did not have enough ribbon.  By like 6 inches!

Obviously I freaked out.  It was far too late to be able to head out to JoAnn's and get more ribbons (yes I didn't have enough of either one!) and I wanted to have them pinned and ready for sewing the next day.

Jon tried his best to help me find a solution as I was frantically searching through all of my sewing stuff.  I knew that I had ribbons somewhere in there that were blue and green.

I did find some blue and green ribbons... just not the ones I was thinking of.

Jon convinced me they would work and I have to say he was right.

The next day my parents were in town to help Staci move.  I had decided to help them and I would sew the burp cloths there.

I even managed to have my mom help  me.  Can't you tell that she really didn't want her picture taken?

She super pinned one of them for me so that I was all ready to sew once we got Staci over to the  new place.

I finally was able to sew them at like 9pm - when I met them at 5:15pm!

I was initially worried about the red being overpowering but I ended up really liking it.

So lesson learned:  Being able to use leftover stuff validates keeping it all.

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