Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gluten-Free Food Review: Gluten-Free Beer!

My friend Jim likes to try different kinds of beer.  Most recently when I was hanging out last week he had happened upon a gluten-free one and bought it.  He forced me to try it.  Yes, forced.  I normally don't enjoy any beer I try.

 It was Tweason' ale by Dogfish Head.  I was immediately curious about the use of strawberries in it.

 I was excited by the nutrition facts because it didn't have any sugar!  And you know, wheat/gluten.

The color was similar to other beers.  The taste was definitely different.  I could tell right away it was unlike any other beer I have had.  It was not a bad taste and I actually kind of liked it.  Now that is big for me since I seem to hate most all of the beers I try.  I could tell it was sweeter than normal beer, I think due to the strawberries.

Overall I would purchase this myself again and enjoy drinking it.  It is nice to know that I could drink it without having gluten and sugar.

Happy Hump Day friends!

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